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  • Angela is well connected with the schools in northern Colorado since being a previous teacher in the area. With this knowledge she will be able to bridge the relationship with the student and teachers and make an impact in the students performance.

  • She is dedicated and committed to make a difference and an impact on each kid.

  • Running a tutoring business over the past 9 years in California and Colorado has given Angela a true sense of learning styles, material and strategies to reach each student as well as her experience in the classroom.

  • Tutoring hours and locations are very flexible

  • Angela brings 13 years of tutoring experience (junior high to college students), a math degree, humor, enthusiasm and high 5’s to each session. She is passionate about teaching and about students.

  • Personalize instruction to bring out the best in each student.

  • Trustworthy and caring approach

  • Academic honesty – we are firm believers in providing the most honest help, but will never do the students work for them. We believe we are a tool to help student excel and commit to teaching effectively to help the student understand the material on their own.

  • Unlike large learning center, you  wont have to take expensive learning tests, or be paired with 3-5 students in a tutoring session. You will have a personal tutor dedicated to your family specifically. They will be able to design a strategy to best fit your student to maximize learning.



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