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High 5 selects only the best tutors in the CO area.
  • We work hard to attract, support, and retain the best educators on our team. We interview and screen many tutors, but we keep only those who meet our standards of knowledge, professionalism, and empathy. Additionally, we look for those with an ability to relate to students and their world with a non-judgmental attitude.

  • Many tutors are certified current or retired classroom teachers. Many actually hold advanced degrees as well. Others that are not classroom teachers are accomplished experts in their field with a proven record of success in the subject areas they tutor.

  • We believe that every kid has an unique educator out there for them, and we want to provide them with the best fit possible. It is important to us that you trust your educator and you can expect your tutor to be an honest, reliable, knowledgeable person who is competent, works well with your child and genuinely cares about your goals. 
High 5 tutors are excellent : 
  • They are experienced and professional tutors; most are credentialed current or retired teachers and/or hold advanced degrees.

  • They are passionate about their students and seeing them achieve their goals. 

  • They are exceptional communicators who know how to relate, engage and motivate young minds.

  • They are adept at making difficult concepts easy to understand and at helping students develop a deeper level of understanding.

  • They can personalize the learning session to bring out the best in every student.

  • Whether they are explaining difficult concepts, stimulating learners to think independently, or providing honest, constructive feedback, High 5's tutors are committed to helping students improve their grades and academic skills while building greater confidence and self-esteem.

  • They create a caring and positive experience for the student.

  • They know what empathy is. They are nurturing individuals who are able to "stand in the student’s shoes". They understand the challenges faced by students.

  • Upon request and with parents’ permission, our tutors can work with your child’s school teachers to tailor a study plan that maximizes each tutoring session’s effectiveness. Please just contact Angela to set this up.    
  •  **If for any reason you or your child requests a different tutor, High 5 will be happy to make a prompt change. We believe there is a tutor out there for ever kids and sometimes it is just a issue of “chemistry”. 


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