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  • High5 offers specialized one-on-one tutoring IN-HOME or a mutual and agreeable location.

    In-home: We come to you! Sit back and relax while we teach and help your student in the comfort of your own home. This way your kids is in their own environment and able to learn in a relaxed environment.

    Other location: such locations might include the local library, coffee shop or other agreeable location.

    Current subjects offering:

    1. Specialize in Middle school and high school MATH (all levels up to Calculus AB)
    2. Science and English
    3. Please inquire regarding specific subjects you might be interested in.


    Please contact us for Rates:

    Online tutor is available upon request

    ***discounts for referrals and prepaying options are available.

    Cancellation policy:
    After an appointment has been make, please allow 24 hour notice if cancelling the session to avoid charges.



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