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Lauren Gustafson:

I can’t imagine my life without Angela Knopf as my tutor. As a sophomore in high school, struggling to keep a “C” in Algebra 2, I contacted her out of desperation the night before my midterm. She arrived late at night and worked with me until after midnight. Since then, I have changed not only as a math student, but also as a person.

As a math tutor, Angela is perfection. I have NEVER in the years she has tutored me, ended a session feeling confused or worried about the subject. She is extremely thorough, and makes math easy to understand. Whether it is simple algebra or advanced calculus that is causing you trouble, Angela will always find a way to help you understand the material, no matter how difficult or terrible your math teacher.  And most importantly, you see the results immediately. I went from being a “C” student, to a straight “A” student in a surprisingly short amount of time, and my friends that work with Angela all have similar success stories. During the most stressful times of the school year, Angela kept me sane, and completely confident going into my exams. For someone who is not a naturally gifted math student, going into a test with complete confidence is a great feeling!  My only regret is that Angela does not have time to tutor me in every other subject.

However, in a way, Angela has prepared me for every class. She has forced me to organize my notebooks for other classes. She has taught me new study habits and tips that I will use for the rest of my years in school. And, as someone who understands the importance of balancing studies and athletics, she has taught me the importance of time management, and how to be a successful scholar athlete.

Speaking of athletes, I have never met a more determined, competitive, talented, and inspiring athlete than Angela. I have watched her play beach volleyball many times, and she has proven to be my role model in sports as well as studies. She volunteers her time to help coach volleyball, and my high school team was fortunate enough to have her help with a few practices. She brings the same enthusiasm and drive to coaching as she does to tutoring and it proves to be extremely successful (We won the City Championships with her help!).

What I appreciate most of all about Angela, however is that she is one of the friendliest, caring, intelligent, and humble people I have ever met, and the passion she brings to every aspect of life is contagious. She is funny and entertaining, and tremendously supportive, even in the most frustrating situations. She makes me want to be a better person. I admire, trust and respect everything about my good friend Angela. She is my role model; an invaluable example of someone who I would aspire to be later in life. I recommend her without hesitation, and hope that you are lucky enough to spend some time with her.


Lauren Gustafson (student)
Senior, Palisades Charter High School

Emily Abraham

Angela Knopf was originally recommended to me by a friend at school who had been working with her for a year.  I would highly recommend Angela myself as an excellent tutor.

Right from the beginning her organizational skills made a big impact on my work.  She asked me to organize all the work I had sloppily shoved in my binder and then demonstrating her own organized way of tutoring. All material was clearly and visibly written out for me for easy access and understanding. I had gone from getting C’s, D’s, and F’s on my quizzes and tests to getting mostly A’s and a few B’s. Her understanding of the material and simplicity in the way she explains it makes learning easier and more efficient.

Angela really cares about her students, always wanting to know how they’ve done on their most recent test or quiz and gave ample praise when all the hard work had paid off. She was always available when I needed help and her commitment really showed through. I know I can always come back to her when I need help in the future.

Thank you,
Emily Abraham (student)


We have worked with many tutors, but none have the expertise, methodology and patience of Angela. In just a few weeks, Angela was able to help my daughter bring a C up to an A in Algebra 2.
Since Angela is a credentialed math teacher, she is extremely qualified to teach students the concepts of all levels of math, not just help complete assignments. She is an expert at helping students prepare for exams and giving them the tools to approach tests and quizzes with confidence.  Most importantly, her assistance goes beyond math training, as she teaches organizational and time management skills essential to be a successful student.
After two years of working with Angela, my daughter is at the top of her class. Angela’s intellect, leadership and wonderful personality have helped make this possible. We recommend Angela wholeheartedly.

Susan Gustafson (parent)

To All Prospective Students and their Parents:

It is with the utmost confidence and praise that we recommend Angela Knopf  as a competent tutor and teacher. When Angela was first recommended to us we were in the position of having one 9th grader who had not tested well on the high school math placement exam and was in a remedial math class, along with an 11th grader who was in a difficult Math Analysis class and doing poorly.  Another student and their parent touted the skills of Angela and both our children began meeting with her on a regular or as needed basis. Besides an immediate boost of confidence in their math skills, both kids developed a genuine affection and respect for her as a person and mentor. Within weeks the 9th grader had succeeded in testing into a higher level Algebra class and the 11th grader received an A in a class she had been failing.  Both children continued doing well in Geometry and AP Statistics with her help. Angela has an amazing ability to know exactly what they should know at any given point in the semester as well as keeping track of when the test dates are and that all homework is completed. She has always been accessible, patient, dependable and extremely knowledgeable of the subject at hand. Now that she has made the move to Colorado, we are now committed to somehow making use of her skills on a long distance basis. We would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Angela for any mathematics teacher/tutor position.

Very truly yours,
Carol and Pascal Frapech (parent)



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