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High 5 can help those who want to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the concepts and material they learn in class
  • Might struggle applying the knowledge they learn in the classroom.
  • Are doing well in their class but truly wants to excel
  • Bridge the gaps in previous years of unlearned material and have the confidence to move forward
  • Want a boost for tests, midterms, or finals by a review session and practice tests or finals
  • Need help organizing and learn successful study and classroom habits
  • Pass an online math course and needs instruction in the material

High  5 Approach:

  • To bring enthusiasm and confidence to students to improve results

Why One-on-one tutoring is the best?

There is an overwhelming amount of research that supports the benefits of one on one tutoring. It has had significant impact on improving students’ grades, study skills and personal confidence in the subject matter.

We know your student goes to a great school and has good teachers. Unfortunately in these times, teachers classrooms are over-crowded and it makes it difficult to get the learning sometime needed. Angela had classroom sizes over 35 and realized a need for the kids to really get more one-on-one instruction. High 5 recognizes the great teachers in the area but is aware of the time restraints on them and hopes to offer precision one-on-one tutoring to meet the need of each student specifically. Teachers, parents, students have all acknowledged the impact of emphasizing concepts in one-on-one manor.

Each student is different and high5 recognizes the uniqueness of each one to better serve the student. We are dedicated to pinpoint the way your student learns best and customize your experience to make learning most effective.


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