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High5tutoring was created by Angela Knopf, a high school math teacher from Troutdale, Oregon. Angela graduated cum laude while majoring in Math at Colorado State. Her full time teaching debut began at Fossil Ridge High school where she was an integral part in the opening and developing of the new school in Fort Collins, CO.  She was a crucial partner in developing classes as well as the head varsity volleyball coaching position at the same time.

While at Colorado State, Angela was one of their top volleyball players and currently is the school’s only Two-time 1st team NCAA Division I All-American.  Angela’s commitment to education was evident as she was also awarded Academic All-American twice. She valued her ability to play volleyball, but stressed the importance of academics as well.
Angela has always had a passion to help kids and had a dream to really connect and help students in math. She felt it was a subject most feared and hated by students. It is her dream is to bring fun, and confidence to math students.

While teaching, Angela still competed in some volleyball events and in 2005 she had an opportunity to go play professionally in California.  She made the transition to Los Angeles to pursue another dream while also landing a teaching job in Palos Verdes, CA at one of the top schools in the state. She quickly connected with the kids there and made an impact in the short time she was there.
Due to her rigorous travel schedule, Angela decided to leave the full-time teaching position to create her own tutoring business (SOS tutoring) in Los Angeles. What she didn’t expect is that she would come to find a new passion and skill to really work with kids one-of-one. She loves the connection with the kids and uses that to really help them reach their potential. Working one-on-one has allowed Angela to see the dramatic differences in students improvement and confidence.

After 5 years of running her own tutoring company, Angela moved back to her beloved Fort Collins, CO where she started High5tutoring to hopefully make a difference in the lives of students in northern Colorado. She saw the advantage and the impact one-on-one tutoring has on students and wants to make a difference in her community. For questions concerning high5tutoring please contact Angela at Angela@high5tutoring.com.
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